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Going Long:
Winning with

  • is the leading sports-first TV streaming service in the U.S, growing to over 100,000 paying subscribers.

  • broadcasts most of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games, all major soccer leagues and a wide range of college and other sports.

  • ibex launched the program in June of 2018, right before the World Cup, with 40 FTEs.

Business Objectives for
ibex’s Program Team

  • Launch the operation in 4 weeks
    (from hiring till the ‘go-live’ phase).

  • Clear-out backlogs
    and met the required SLA.

  • Provide exceptional customer service in Email,
    Chat and Inbound Customer Support.

  • Maximize CSAT scores.

  • Maintain and Improve AHT along with Quality.

  • Maintain and Improve First Contact Resolution rate.

  • Ensure minimum level of absenteeism.

  • Achieve and exceed sales targets.

ibex’s Program-Specific

  • Product Knowledge: In-depth in-house training to ensure
    agents up to speed and calibrated to the latest updates.

  • Flexibility: Agents are trained on multiple queues
    (Ticket, Chat, and Voice) and are transitioned between
    them as necessary.

  • Above and Beyond: ibex has provided extra hours of
    service to cater to unexpected increases in Chat and
    Email contact flow.

  • Partnership: ibex has provided feedback and consultation
    relevant to existing SOPs in order to increase the overall
    program efficiency.

Program Success
with ibex

  • ibex PK successfully launched the program.

  • The ibex team contributed to a significantly improved
    CSAT, along with managing the wide variations and
    fluctuations in the flow of contacts.

  • Having exceeded the Client’s initial expectations, they
    also started routing voice customers to us as well.

  • We are also launching an inbound sales queue for the
    Client to not only service the existing/potential
    customers but also to handle the upsell.

  • According to the Client, our response time from hiring, to
    training, to making th e agents go-live, is commendable. As a
    result, we have also started the voice business.

  • The success of the sales program out of PK has
    convinced to also start upselling through our PK
    site – widening the scope of the program significantly.

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